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find your inner harmony at the temple

The way to a harmonious life is through peace and balance of your body, mind and soul. 

We can help you achieve this. 

Dream Therapy

Dream Therapy is the art of working out what your dreams mean and using that interpretation to help you solve life’s challenges!

What we do at the temple, yeovil - Dream Therapy

It is for everyone, but particularly those who dream a lot, have vivid or lucid dreams, nightmares, difficulty sleeping because of waking up from their dreams etc.

Dream interpretation has been going since time began but in modern Western Society dreams are quite often dismissed as ‘Just a dream.’ Dream interpretation helps us understand ourselves better which in turn can prevent or treat depression, grief, sleep disorders, stress and anxiety. Our subconscious knows all the answers and dream therapy will help you tap into that never-ending source of information and make you more intuitive, creative and able to help solve life’s challenges and appreciate it’s successes!

You will learn about sleep patterns and REM sleep, how to recall and record your dreams and why you should. We will discuss common dreams, reoccurring dreams and all the strange weird and wonderful sequence dreams that our subconscious lets us experience to enable us to get on better in our lives. You will go home with a new knowledge and skills to help you understand what your brains are trying to tell you each night (and day) about how you can solve your issues!

The cost is £20 per class and the class will last 1-2 hours depending on the numbers of attendees.

You will probably have more dreams but you will feel more in control of them, less scared if you have frightening ones and can aim to have a better night’s sleep. You can attend just one class but the aim is to run the course over 6 weeks so you come and discuss your dreams and we work them out together and learn new techniques each week to record and interpret them.

The key to dream work is that they are very personal to the person having them so you do not have to share if you don’t want to. However, working in a group with others develops trust, friendship and sharing with others develops further intuition and gains a different perspective on your dreams that working them out by yourself.

The class is suitable for 12+ as at that age, we have realized that most children are capable of involving themselves in the dream work and are at an age where learning about their dreams is crucial to help them in adult life. If a class member has a dream that they feel inappropriate for that age group we will discuss it privately. If there are children younger than this that are having problems with scary dreams and nightmares we can also arrange a private time to discuss these.

A calmer night sleep, an understanding of the knowledge your subconscious has in guiding you with creativity, inspiration, solving challenges, predictions, decision making, skills in self healing and analysing, the list is endless!


Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of healing that helps people with both physical injuries and mental illness. More than that though, it brings calm, peace, awareness, a time for you to just relax and enjoy timeout!

What we do at the temple, yeovil - Reiki

You can lie on a couch or sit on chair or floor and the Reiki therapist will place their hands on or above you to send healing through your body.

It can last as long as you want your session to last but the therapist will be guided when to stop and when you have had enough for the session. We normally book sessions for 1 hour.

We charge £40 for an hour, this also includes a bit of talking therapy too!

You may feel heat or cold coming from the therapists hands. You may feel sad, happy, a feeling of release, you may see colours, images, memories of both this life and past: You may sense nothing at all but what you will definitely feel at the end is calm and relaxed.

“It’s the most relaxed I have felt in 20 years (since before having children!)”

“I found I was still thinking things through in my head but from a calmer, distant perspective so that I could deal with all what was going on in my life rationally.”

“I felt my body click as if it was releasing tension.”


Mediumship is the practice of mediating communication between spirits of the dead and living human beings.

 A psychic tunes into the energy of the person by feeling or sensing elements of their past, present and future.  A medium takes this one step further and tunes into the spirit energy surrounding that person.  So basically a psychic uses their intuition, listening to their own thoughts and a medium does this too, but also rely on non-physical energy outside themselves.

A psychic will also often focus on future events to come while a medium will tune into past and present issues.

Different mediums are blessed with different gifts in helping people.  Some have areas of expertise in working with souls that have passed and are mostly at peace, some help police with crimes, some help tormented souls cross over, some are to help the living gain peace.  The main aim is to help you move on so that you can fulfil your life lessons and enjoy your time here on earth.

Nothing different than normal.  However, the more open your mind is, the more the spirit world like to impart information.  The medium cannot control what the spirit world wants to tell you so don’t come with preconceived ideas on what you want to know!   However if you want to communicate with a certain person they normally will come through.

A lot of people are worried due to a strict religious background, fear set in childhood, scary movies or any other reason.  However it is normally derived from a misunderstanding of the spirit realm.  Mediums are professional people that know how to work in a safe protected space and only use their gift to help heal.

If you want to contact a specific person, they may ask you to bring something with you such as a photo of the person or an object to do with them.  However, if you are just coming to see a medium for a reading and just want to find out who appears, you will not need to bring anything.

The medium will start talking to you and then start sharing information that the spirit world are passing on.  Quite often once the medium has opened the spirit gates, there are lots of spirits with lots of messages to bring to you. 

Often the spirit world will make reference to things that are personal but seem an odd thing or insignificant to be talking about.  This is normally to make sure that the medium is connecting the right spirit to the right person and building trust between client and medium.   It is also because the spirit world remember things that are important to them but not necessarily to you!

Information that you get given will sometimes not make sense at the time of the reading.  You will normally find it to be accurate at a later date  They will often tell you information that will be about things happening in the future.

Eventually the communication between spirit and medium will break down as the information has been imparted. 

Converted if they weren’t already!  Also most people feel a huge sense of relief and comfort that their loved ones are looking out for them and are safe and well. 

A session with our medium will cost £40 which normally lasts an hour but may go on if you have someone with loads to tell you!

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a way of healing the body and mind by using certain crystals’ healing energy to be directed into the body.  Crystals are placed on, under or around the body to help draw out negative energy.  They are often used to enhance the power of Reiki but can be used as a separate therapy.

Crystals have existed on earth for millions of years.  Ancient civilisations used crystals for healing long before modern science was thought of. Within the healing profession we have found that people are naturally drawn to colours of stone that match the chakras (see below) they need to work on.

Having certain crystals in your pockets, purses, under your pillow, around your neck on a necklace, in certain places in your house etc improves stress, money, health, creativity, concentration and many other issues so try it!

A chakra is a spiritual energy centre within the human body, of which there are many but 7 main ones.  These main 7 are the Crown, Brow, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base.

Healers suggest Crystals emit vibrations that affect our minds and bodies and some can conduct energy.  This is why crystals are used as essential tools in computers, TV screens, Iphones and satellites. 

As with most spiritual healing, crystal healing has a different effect on each person who has it., depending on which chakras need working on.  You may feel lighter, tired, full of energy, dizzy, pins and needles, numbness, diarrhoea, heightened senses, heat, cold etc but all these feeling will be termporary as the body cleanses itself  after the healing.

We believe the benefits of crystal healing are immense.   People claim to have been cured from major illness, gained their health back, and that crystals have made them happy, positive, calm and peaceful.

Often the spirit world will make reference to things that are personal but seem an odd thing or insignificant to be talking about.  This is normally to make sure that the medium is connecting the right spirit to the right person and building trust between client and medium.   It is also because the spirit world remember things that are important to them but not necessarily to you!

Information that you get given will sometimes not make sense at the time of the reading.  You will normally find it to be accurate at a later date  They will often tell you information that will be about things happening in the future.

Eventually the communication between spirit and medium will break down as the information has been imparted. 

Sometimes but normally Crystal healing takes time.   Perhaps this is because the illness also took a similar time to create and manifest.

We charge £30 for an hour of crystal healing.


It has been proven scientifically that the only 2 ways to successfully combat depression is to take up exercise or meditate.  It is a way of calming yourself down, stopping yourself from thinking all the time, lowering blood pressure and stress leves as well as opening the mind to understand your inner self.

We teach many styles of meditation and also techniques to calm the mind.  It can take practice to meditate but learning to be patient is part of the journey!

Yes, our classes are suitable for beginners and more experienced learners.

No, just yourself but a notebook is useful to take a note of what you experience and learn. 

Normally from the age of 10 children appreciate our classes.  If they are immature or younger, we can organise a separate class for them.

You can if you want, though we can provide chairs or you can lie down.

At the temple we consider meditation as such an important tool in helping everyone avoid or combat depression and anxiety, that we make this affordable at £3 per person.

CBT Therapy

CBT Therapy stands for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and is a recognized form of counselling often suggested for coping with anxiety, depression and other Mental Health problems   It is a talking therapy.  Among many other conditions, it looks at negative patterns in the way we look at the world and ourselves.

It helps identify specific problems and tries to solve them.  It is structured.  You and your therapist discuss specific problems and set goals for you to achieve.  CBT is focussed on current problems, it is concerned with how you think and act now rather than attempting to resolve past issues.  Your therapist will work with you to find solutions to your current difficulties.

People with OCD, phobias, panic disorders and social anxiety disorders among other mental health issues.

A type of CBT called exposure therapy could be used which starts involving items or situations that cause anxiety but  you feel able to tolerate.  This may last  for 1-2 hours until the anxiety reduces by a half.  This exposure will be repeated 3 times a day until you can move to a more difficult situation.

You will be able to apply the ideas you learn to your daily life.  This will make it less likely that your symptoms will return.

The therapist will recomment a different type of therapy if CBT is not working for you.

Normally the sessions last 60 minutes and you will need between 5-20 sessions, usually weekly or fortnightly.

The initial consultation is free and after that, each session costs £40 for an hour.  


Shamanism is the oldest known form of healing, depicted in ancient cave paintings that stretch back 50,000 years.  It is based on the belief that the soul has three different realities, the middle world which is what humans mostly live in, the upper world, the connection with the divine source and the lower world, the connection deep inside ourselves.

In a Shamanic journey, a trained shaman will go into any of these realities to sort illnesses out, ancestrally and this life, find power animals, cure disharmony where the client is disconnected from their true divine nature, extract misplaced energy, spiritual intrusions, soul retrieval and restoring a soul to the otherside and much more!

When you have seemed to have been going to the doctors and never getting anywhere with them, then see a shaman!  They will be able to find the answers!  Or as soon as you get any illness, go to a Shaman!  They can find the root cause, see what has happened to your body and soul and help you fix it!  They can help you if you are struggling to get over relationship issues, addictions, depression and anxiety and more.  Or just go for the experience!  It will be amazing!

£40 per session and they normally take at least an hour.

Because a Shaman is dealing with the issues that a normal Western doctor/modern scientist cannot effectively prove, Shamanism can seem to some scary and mythical.  However the Shaman is gentle, empathic, a great listener and communicator and most people feel relieved, lighter, enlightened and empowered after a session.

The Shamanic practitioner will chat with you, finding out what the issues are that need to be solved.  Then you will either lie down, sit or stand (entirely up to you) and relax.  If you are spiritually open, you may participate in the journey and talk  about what you see too, but if not, just relax and at the end of the spiritual journey, the shaman will tell you what has happened.

The shaman will advise you after the session what you need to do, depending on the treatment and the results of the journey but remember  you will probably need sleep and to drink lots of water! 


Tarot cards were first developed in Italy around 1430 but only for reading the future around the 1780s.  Some of the pictures were painted dark and scary in the 19th century to attract the period’s fascination with the occult.  This is perhaps why some people are scared of Tarot but really then help you find solutions, give you release and hope.

There are 78 cards in a Tarot deck, 22 represent major events and the rest are minor everyday stuff.  Tarot cards are spiritually guided so while the reader might be wrong, the cards are always right!

You will be asked to shuffle the cards and pick a certain number of cards.  If you can’t shuffle you can spread them on the table.  The reader will then see what is happening in the cards and see which way things are headed.

We all have power over our own destiny and if we see something bad coming it can give us a chance to change our direction in life.

Some readers like peace, some like to have the client to respond during the reading.  This is because the reader can understand in greater in depth what the cards mean. 

£25 for an hour.


Our symptoms tell a story and if we take a moment to understand what the body is trying to tell us

Through kinesiology, we can empower ourselves to make changes to live a happier healthier life

Kinesiology is a non-evasive holistic energy therapy, combining the ancient principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern muscle testing techniques.

These muscle testing techniques to gain an insight into the areas of stress and imbalance within the energy system.

Answer a few questions, lie down and push arms or legs against Vikki’s hands when she asks  you.  It doesn’t hurt and is quite easy for the client to do.

Vikki will assess you and may use massage and bach flower remedies or suggest supplements or diet changes.

Kinesiology aims to restore balance to the whole person through promoting the self healing process. You will normally feel better!  Any pain will release, you will move forward with emotional issues and feel enlightened, and you will have answers to why your body has been reacting as it has.

This depends on how long you have been experiencing the problem and on what issue  you need to overcome.

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