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Wellbeing: "A state of being comfortable, healthy and happy"

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We have oracle and tarot card experts and mediums all ready to help you learn your future

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Covering all ages, from children to adults, we can help guide you to find what is causing anxiety and give you some new ways of coping.  Alternatively, we can help to find out what is missing from your life and help you get back on track

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We run Meditation and Reiki classes every week and offer dream interpretation

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We offer dream interpretation, hypnotherapy and top tips to get a good night’s sleep.

Our therapist at the Temple - Tina Booth
This is me, Tina, Founder of The Temple, Yeovil

what is the temple?

In 2016, after a period of depression, I found that the only place I felt peace was at the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury. It was a place you could just sit down in with no distractions and de-stress. However it was/is in Glastonbury! I realized we needed a place in Yeovil!

Three years later, a room in the Emporium was suggested to me and on November 21st 2018, The Temple was born.

On our open day 15 spiritual and psychological therapists visited and fell in love with it too. They all wanted to work out of it with their current and future clients and so our opening hours became 11.30-2 as a free silent space with the rest of the day being devoted to classes, courses, treatments etc.

During Lockdown 2020, The emporium closed temporarily and my husband me a
bought me a lovely log cabin in my garden which has proved a very successful
move.  It is much more peaceful, private and I can burn candles and incense when I want to!  I have had to remove the 11.30-2 silent time but I am planning in the future to have a building instead of one room.    My dream is to eventually have a building when we have a rooms devoted to silence, talking,  meditation, yoga, treatments and courses.

Since then the therapist list has grown, we now cover yoga, reiki, reflexology, EFT,  hypnotherapy, massage, kinesiology, shamanic healing, chanting, creative writing, dream interpretation, inner child therapy, crystal healing, meditation, mindfulness, tarot card reading, mediumship and much more!

I thank you all for your support so far and look forward to seeing you all in the future.

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Take the time to care for your body and mind

60 Years of Healing Experience

The Temple is a wellbeing and healing centre with professional therapists who can help you on a whole range of issues.

As you know, mental health issues are prevalent and the NHS waiting list can be lengthy.

Our therapists have over 60 years experience between them in all sorts of psycological and spiritual therapies.

Our CBT therapist has a PHD in Counselling, while one of our mediums is an internationally renowned platform speaker, having performed on the Spanish and Portuguese circuit with a large following.

All our other therapists have an equally impressive level of experience in their relevant subjects and treat their practice with confidentiality and professionalism.

qualified therapists

Affordable classes


They are the people working to provide you the best experiences.

Our therapist at the Temple - Tina Booth

tina booth

Tina is a Reiki Master practitioner, teacher and loves everything about Reiki.  She loves the fact that not only can Reiki heal physical issues and bring calm, it can heal emotional trauma and past life issues as well.  She has helped people cure their PTSD, childhood traumas, depression and much more.

 Tina also has a Diploma in Inner Child Therapy, finding it a useful psychological tool for helping people move forward from the past.

 Trained in Tarot reading, Tina loves using the cards to help people with the issues they have in their current life and what will happen in the future.  She now also teaches tarot.

Crystals are also a passion of Tina’s and she now uses them in healing, sells them (the only place in Yeovil), and teaches both a beginners class and an advanced Crystal workshop.

 Tina is currently learning the oldest form of healing known on the planet, Shamanic Healing which she will use in conjunction with her Reiki.  She is also a Priestess Healer of Glastonbury and teaches people about Goddess energy and how women in particular can be their true selves.

 Finally Tina has a passion for dream interpretation since studying creative writing with the Open University 15 years ago and having to write down her dreams as an exercise.  Since then she has studied the history of dream interpretation in great detail, attending courses in the UK, studying by herself and talking about the subject as a public speaker.  She feels strongly that if people listened to and understood their dreams, their lives would improve.

our therapists

They are the people working to provide you the best experiences.

Vikki Vosey

Hi I’m Vikki

I experienced Kinesiology first as a teenager for digestive issues. I was adamant about getting to the cause of the problem rather than needing to take medication for the rest of my life. Kinesiology pinpointed that I needed to remove wheat from my diet and take a supplement for cleansing the gut. This change has made my life much more comfortable.

I have a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Bath. I have always had a passion for all things health-related and combine my scientific knowledge with a deeper understanding of the body and symptoms to help you improve your quality of life.

In my spare time, I am a keen triathlete and have raced for the GB Age Group team. With support from Kinesiology, I have achieved success on the international stage.

Our therapist at the Temple - Emma Herrod

 emma herrod

Emma is a Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner, working at The Temple and in Stoke sub Hamdon, priestess of the goddess and meditation lead.

Emma has been working with universal energy for the past 25 years and she became a Master Reiki Practitioner in August 2020 after taking the decision to share Reiki’s gentle, yet powerful non-invasive nature as a complementary therapy.

Our therapist at the Temple - Dr Linda

Dr Linda Foulder-Hughes

Linda is our CBT expert at the Temple.  Linda has worked in clinical, research, community and educational settings throughout her career. 

She is BAFTA nominated for her children’s television series ‘Tree Fu Tom’ which focuses on developing coordination skills.  She is a Doctoral supervisor and an Associate Lecturer at the Open University. 

We are honoured at the Temple that Linda gives up her day off to come and work with us and our clients!

Our therapist at the Temple - Cheyenne Webb

 Cheyenne webb

Cheyenne is a natural born medium from North Perrott Somerset. She has travelled extensively over the past few years for spiritual guidance and inspiration which has enabled her clairvoyance to become stronger and to bring only love, understanding and peace of mind from your loved ones.

Cheyenne has always been connected to spirit and throughout her child and adulthood she has always embraced the spirit vibration learning understanding and sharing to the best of  her ability. As she has got older and surrounded by her family, who have given her the confidence to share this gift and through years of teaching and learning she is now able to open her heart and share her gift with everyone. 

Cheyenne does one to one readings, telephone readings, church services, groups when you want to get your friends around for an evening of fun and mediumship enlightenment.

Lucinda Dabrik

Loving the richness of life; the journey, the revelations, the contrasts and the company along the way!

Lucinda feels so blessed to be working with holistic therapies, to help and support others, to raise our collective joy and consciousness, lightening our vibration, allowing alignment with our Devine Selves so we can fully live our lives in Bliss and Grace.

Driven by a desire to learn and share, I’ve enjoyed each step of my professional journey. With an interest in physical health, spiritual wellbeing and the cosmos in all its harmonious intricacies, I was keen to link them all within a personalised treatment.

I draw on knowledge from my various trainings; 

Massage, Aromatherapy, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Acupressure,  Reiki, Emotion Coding, Hand Analysis and Tarot, Yoga, Breath Work, Meditation and Shamanic Journeying.

Bringing elements from all fields into my treatments, I offer clients a variety of transformational techniques targeting body, mind and soul.

Always a pleasure to meet and work with new clients.

Happy Memories from our Guests

Our extensive expertise will make sure that yours is a SUCCESS STORY!

“Tina has helped me hugely overcome my personal struggles relating to my relationships and the way I manage my emotions .

She is more then any therapist you could ever see. It has certainly changed my life for better, giving me skills to manage frustrations and see things from other perspectives. I couldn’t be more grateful for all her help and everything she has taught me.

Nadia Ressan

“The staff are patient, I’ve made friends and been put in touch with another whole load of courses that I am doing one by one.”

“Thank you Tina for providing such a lovely space for people to reenergize themselves and find connection in.”

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